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Kraków (English: Cracow) – an amazing city, in which for over a thousand years now beats the heart of Poland. It beckons alluringly with old tenement houses and streets, bustling with life as ever. Cosy hotels, apartments, pensions and cheap hostels are always ready and willing to receive guests, while the romantic restaurants, cafés, the atmospheric pubs and music clubs are the places of truly memorable meetings. It is a place where there is a story behind almost every stone.

When walking around the streets of Kraków, try now and then to close your eyes for a moment and imagine the medieval hubbub of the city, the townsmen hurrying to work in their workshops or to do the shopping in the cloth hall or at the market. Imagine the knights heading to the Wawel Royal Castle and boats with fishermen catching fish in the Vistula River that washes the castle hill.

And when, thus daydreaming, you get back to reality, you will also see a city of youth, the seat of nearly twenty universities and schools of higher education, countless cafés, restaurants and pubs, squares vibrant with music and parks full of greenery.

No wonder then that Kraków is the destination of school trips, foreign travels, family jaunts of those from other regions of Poland, relaxing weekends. The Main Market Square, where the most important routes of the city intersect, invariably attracts also Kraków residents themselves, who like to enjoy a Saturday or Sunday stroll, hurry to catch the evening performance at the theatre, a concert, or who savour the taste of coffee in one of the many summer gardens.

We will try to introduce you to this extraordinary city, so that you might find it easier to plan your stay and make better use of its charms – also if you have the rare pleasure to live in Kraków permanently.

You will be the judges of whether the expression “love at first sight only happens in Kraków…” is in fact true. By the time you finish reading our webpage, remember to book a romantic hotel, hostel or apartment – our portal offers particularly good prices and a vast selection of accommodation places.

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