Kraków Artists


There is no exaggeration in saying that Krakow is a city of artists. Already hundreds of years ago, being the seat of the royal court, and the place of residence of the nobility and wealthy bourgeois families, the city favoured the creation of great works of art and the development of skills of the talented young people.

The possibility to stay in this historic place, take part in many epoch-making events, study at various renowned colleges and universities, visit a galleries full of masterpieces, spend time in churches and manors- gave an amazing opportunity to participate in the development of art.

Also, in our age, the atmosphere of Kraków offers a unique opportunity to participate in culture, both passively or actively. To appreciate art, whether popular or the more engagé, we do not always have to go to theatres, exhibitions or classical concerts. In Kraków, art will often find and catch us unawares in the open air, for instance during the Festival of Street Theatre or the daily performances of many talented people who fill the Main Market Square and the nearby streets with music.

Admiring the contemporary artists of Kraków, we should also remember those whose work in the past was the source of thrills and inspiration for their successors.

Tuesday, 15th October 2019
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