Bagatela Theatre


The building of the theatre has a long, almost a hundred years old history, but its purpose throughout history was different. Its origins date back to 1918 when the publisher of the Kraków daily - Kuryer Codzienny - Marian Dąbrowski, ordered the elaboration of the design to the architect Janusz Zarzecki (building structure) and the painter and decorator Henryk Uziembło (internal design).

Originally plays were performed here, then the theatre became an elegant cinema "Scala". After the war the building housed successively: Kameralny Theatre, State Theatre for Young Audiences, and since 1957 the Rozmaitości Theatre. The name “Bagatela Theatre” was restored in 1970 and two years later the theatre was named after Tadeusz Boy Żeleński.

The theatre shows mainly comedies and has enjoyed great popularity for many years. In addition to the main stage in the building on Karmelicka street, there is also a more intimate theatre   – Scena Sarego 7.

For further details, see the online portal of Bagatela Theatre.


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