Kraków Opera


The first public opera performance in Kraków took place in March 1782. After the construction of the Juliusz Słowacki Theatre, opera productions were put on in that building (previously, operas were staged at the court of Prince Teodor Lubomirski and in the palace of the Bishop Kajetan Sołtyk).

Among the outstanding artists who performed at the Kraków Opera we have to mention: Jan Kiepura, Adam Didur and Ada Sari, and more recently: Teresa Żylis-Gara, Jadwiga Rappe and Wiesław Ochman.

In 1954 the Society of Friends of Opera was established. Owing to its efforts, a group composed of the Kraków Philharmonic musicians and graduates of the State High School of Music in Kraków was created. At the same time the newly established Society of Friends of Musical Theatre set up the Kraków Operetta. In 1958 the two companies were combined into one.

Since December 2008 the Kraków Opera has occupied the new building on Lubicz Street. The auditorium has 764 places and the stage has an area of 443 sqm. The building has also a lot of backstage facilities, dining and banquet facilities and a rehearsal stage.

Current repertoire is available online at the website of the Kraków Opera.

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