Arrival in Kraków

You can get to Kraków overland (by car, by bus, by rail) or by air (the city’s airport is located in Balice, near Kraków).

Those who take the car or bus can access the city from:
- the West: travelling along the A4 motorway that connects Germany and Poland, or along parallel roads no. 79, 44 and 780
- the North: road no. 7 (E77)
- the East: the A4 motorway (eastern section still under construction) or parallel road no. 94
- the South: road no. 7 (S7, E77)

Car owners have to bear in mind that there are paid parking zones in the centre of Kraków – Monday to Friday, 10 a.m. – 8 p.m. You can learn more about the parking zones by following this link.

Fun fact: the cheapest car park in the city centre is located just above the platforms of the Kraków railway station, next to the shopping centre – Galeria Krakowska (the first hour is free of charge, second costs PLN 2, third and each subsequent – PLN 4). Access to the car park – from 29 Listopada Street, Pawia/Warszawska Street, Szlak Street or Wita Stwosza Street (from Rondo Mogilskie roundabout).

Long-distance buses are usually directed to the Regional Bus Station, located on the eastern side of the central railway station (Bosacka Street). Kraków Central Railway Station  itself is located in the city centre, between streets: Pawia, Lubicz, Wita Stwosza and Bosacka.

The domestic and international airport in Balice is located within 11 km west of Kraków, just beside the western bypass of the city, owing to which it is easily accessible not only to the residents and those just arriving in Kraków, but also to those who travel from/to the Silesia region or the Podkarpackie voivodeship (the A4 motorway).

Tuesday, 17th September 2019
Weather in Kraków / Cracow:
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