Help in Difficult Matters (5)


On Reformacka Street in Kraków there is a seventeenth century Reformed Franciscan Church (Kościół oo. Reformatów) (photo 5). The area surrounding the church has special microclimate, for in the vaults one can find mummified bodies in habits and robes, very well preserved despite the passage of time – a hundred, two hundred or even three hundred years.

In a side chapel of the Reformed Franciscan Church stands an unusual statue of a young man in Roman armour, holding a martyr's palm and stepping on a crow with his foot. This is the figure of St.  Expeditus, legionnaire from the times of Emperor Diocletian, who laid down his life for his faith.

In Italy, St. Expeditus is regarded as the patron saint of difficult matters. He is called upon by students before exams, actors before the premiere, defendants before trial or those appealing against adverse court decisions. The cult of this Roman saint arrived to Poland one hundred years ago, but apparently since then many have already experienced the saint's aid. Therefore, there are always flowers and burning candles under the figure of the young legionnaire...


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