The Magical Power of the Sigismund Bell (1)


For years Kraków citizens repeat the commandment for unmarried people, who are determined to finish their period of loneliness.

According to the old parable, this can be achieved in a very simple way. It should suffice to toil up the Sigismund Tower (photo 1), climbing the many wooden steps and, unnoticed by anyone, touch the bell's heart with the right hand. This should be enough to change the marital status within the nearest year.

Apparently, this method works mainly for women. For men, what should do the trick is believing deeply in the power of the Sigismund Bell and hoping, with the support of own efforts, that this will change their whole life.

There is only one snag. After all, the Sigismund Bell is a special class national monument, so perhaps before touching it, let's try to use any other means available to do without its support ...


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